1. The Food Imitations (Safety) Regulations 1989 

Please note the following important information in relation to purchases of beads resembling sweets, cakes, fruit or other foodstuff. The aforementioned products are sold to you, the customer, on the understanding that they will be made into items of jewellery for resale.

The individual beads must not be resold by you to non-commercial (private) buyers as they do present a potential choking hazard and as such do not comply with section 4 of the Food Imitations (Safety) Regulations 1989. It is your responsiblity that jewellery made with Imitation Food beads is safe and secure.

These beads are made of non-toxic polymer clay or resin. They are not edible and they are not suitable for children

* Free Gifts on orders over £35:

We give a random free gift to all orders over £35 (excluding postage and packaging costs) a gift will automatically be added to your package upon completion of your order. You do not need to add anything to your cart, a gift will be chosen at random from our available stock and we cannot accept requests. 

What is Decoden?

Decoden quite simply is decoration of mobile/ cell phones that originated in Japan, however you can decoden just about anything you fancy! Our customers have decorated just about everything and anything you can think of. Add our cabochons to our whipped cream clays to make yummy looking, good enough to eat treats or add them on their own and they look sweet enough! Need help get in touch with us or why not check out our Pinterest page for inspiration: CLICK HERE

What can you use your cabochons for?

Most of our cabochons come without holes and flat backed (although some are 3D) this means they are perfect for adding to phone cases, tablet cases, clothing, shoes, cards, scrapbooks, sunglasses... you name it, you can deco it! Or why not use our jewellery making blanks to make cute jewellery pieces? It's simple, just use a strong hold glue, such as a 2-part epoxy adhesive or super glue and glue to our jewellery findings.

How do I use the clays and silicones?

Both the clay and silicone can be piped directly from their bag or tube onto whatever you wish to deco (although it does something help to add a little glue onto the surface with our piping bag clays to help it to stick to the surface). Leave it to dry in a warm (but not too hot) place for 12 - 24 hours. You can stick the cabochons, pearls, rhinestones etc, directly into the silicone or clay when wet too. Easy peasy!