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Welcome to Candy Crystal! We’re the UK’s largest supplier of kawaii crafts, and we are so excited to have you join us! So, if you’re new to kawaii culture, get ready for a fabulous time. Kawaii is all about embracing cute, and it’s a lasting trend that’s become a major part of Japanese popular culture. The style is adorable, lovely, and pure joy. Think fluffy skirts, sweet treats, and gemstones. Since 2012, we’ve been peddling the cutest cabochons and deco supplies you’ll find anywhere.

Decoden phone

Okay, by now you’re probably wondering what decoden is all about. It stems from the Japanese phrase, “deco denwa” meaning decorated phone. Decoden, or “deco” became huge just as mobile phones hit the scene in the early 2000’s. Since mobile phones are used so frequently, teenage girls began making their personal devices as unique as themselves. Decorating their mobile phone seemed to be the perfect way to show off their crafting prowess. Naturally, they began gluing neon pompoms, cheerfully molded resins, and star-spangled pictures of their friends onto their mobile phones, Gameboys, jewelry boxes, and basically anything they could safely hot glue.

Whether it’s hot gluing bright pink gems to your iPhone case or finding the perfect smiling cabochon rainbow for the corner of your laptop, decoden means using empty space as your canvas and all embellishments small, colourful, and sometimes outlandish as your medium.

rainbow cabochonThere are loads of tutorials online that’ll help you get started creating your very own kawaii craft. Don’t stress, deco is super easy, relaxing, and fun. At Candy Crystal, we sell lots of adorable kawaii cabochons and deco kits to dress up your mobile/ cell phone case, laptop, or tablet. You don’t have to search every far reaching craft store in hopes of finding the perfect embellishment for your next decoden project, we’ve got it all.

We’re a growing company and that means we’re getting new products all of the time. If decoden isn’t your thing, that’s fine, we’ve still got you covered! We’re beginning to sell adult colouring books for Zen-like relaxation and Fimo clay so that you can make your very own geeky accessories and Kawaii charms.


We’re adding new items all the time and our DIY jewellery section is packed with all the tools, wires, clasps, and findings you’ll need to create fantastic wearable works of art.

It’s obvious that at Candy Crystal we’re obsessed with fun, but we’re serious about customer service. We offer free shipping on orders over £30 and a free gift for all orders over £35! If you’ve got questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you! So, please feel free to contact us with any questions!